Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Literate Follow Their Inner Lemming

 Dear Dingo:

When Ebola peaked in many African nations, with it came a spread of misinformation, mistrust of government and conspiracy theories. I thought---there you have it, lack of education...But no....


Uncomfortable factoid: The USA globally ranks in the top 6 as having "the most educated population" on earth. That means: universal literacy, access to higher education and all that jazz. Yet, why do so many of you believe in crazy conspiracies, dark magic and [with a straight face] go to church and drink the blood of Jesus (?)

You silly white people thought 'Westernization' would lead to rational behavior and choices! Ha! Misunderstanding the power of propaganda. You think the Germans were a bunch of illiterate flunkies when they allowed Hitler and his nonsense? No. For future reference please note: the squeaky demagogue will get the grease....Let's just hope the aliens get here soon👽!

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