Friday, September 4, 2020

How to Campaign in 2020

 Dear Dingo:

 Lies, crazy speak, gaffes, conspiracy theories and ladies with guns seem to be the only thing making political headlines these days. Where are the policy discussions?


America has now become one big Tik Tok or Youtube. Only craziness or cuteness gets the hits. President Grump knows this and controls the conversation, reality TV baby!

Here is my recipe for a Biden/Harris win:

1) They campaign with a golden retriever puppy in one hand. AT ALL TIMES.

2) Catchy song and video. Kamala and Joe compile a song and dance routine including puppies, cool cars, sunglasses, more puppies--and throw in some kangaroos for good measure.

3) Conspiracy theory. Real outrageous behavior by the current administration is not enough--like chronic diarrhea, there is just too much of it. Everyone loses focus! Need to pick one thing (luckily these days, it does not need to be real) and stick with it.

 Possible ideas: Pres. Grump has a secret alien wife👽, that is why Melania looks so upset.

The Devil 👹 guides Grump and forces him to wear red, long neck ties and play golf.

Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV is code for Space Force to begin "shaping" all American citizens into camera TVs 📻 . Elon Musk was awarded a huge multibillion dollar grant for this...



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